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Wilton Paul Risenhoover

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San Francisco Bay area

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Java development / object-oriented design / relational databases
systems integration / CORBA development
- java software development
- object-oriented design and development
- relational database systems
- system integration
- CORBA / ObjectBroker systems
Preferred projects
short to medium term consulting projects
Platform of focus
Windows NT
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Past projects
- Borland International
- NASA/Ames Technology Commercialization Center
- Silicon Valley Capital Network
- Wells Fargo Bank
Programming background
B. S. Computer Science

Languages background
java / c++ / c

OS background
Windows 95 / Windows NT

Miscellaneous technology background
CORBA / ObjectBroker
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Predictions for Java
Java will follow a path similar to that of Artificial Intelligence. 
The hype will die down when the journalists find something
else to talk about, there will be a small backlash
and people will stop talking about it, if not deriding it.
The developers will keep working though, and
Java will ultimately become integral to so many systems
that everybody will be affected by it in some way.  The majority
of the public, however, will never realize it.

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