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part-time, 25+ hrs per week, unless the project merits more.
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79 Henlopen Gardens
Lewes, DE 19958
(prefer to work at home, but will travel 
according to project)

Best way to contact
E-Mail to either 
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Interactive Development / High Impact WWW Design / Creative Graphics
CGI/JavaScript / Site Administration / Marketing
I strive to maintain a competitive edge in site 
design, often implementing the newest available
resources.  I enjoy creating high impact documents
and graphics, and producing memorable sites through 
intercation, ease of navigation, speed, and layout.
By using VRML, Java, JavaScript, and other tools
available, a standard web site can become a work 
of art, talked about, linked, and visited frequently.
The more challenging, the better... 
Preferred projects
Web Site Design and Maintenance.  Preferrably 
something non-traditional that requires a 
cutting edge in layout and design.
Platform of focus
Windows NT, 95, Unix.
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Past projects
I've worked for 6 years with IBM compatible PCs, 
and presently hold a position that requires an
in depth knowledge of Windows.  I got into Web 
design late in 1994, and discovered that by 
combinging my experience with PCs and my advertising
background, I found it second nature to create HTML
documents.  With the availablity of VRML, JavaScript,
and Java, my personal style took place in the form of 
ultra-modern, high impact interactive documents.
I presently maintain a few specialty web sites, 
generating a fair amount of traffic, but earning
quite a reputation..
Programming background
I started with BASIC back in the 80s,
yhen woringd my way into Turbo Pascal in the
early 90s.  After a two year hiatus, I began 
publishing web documents, and found that what
I had learned previously had prepared me for 
developing applications in PERL, Java and 

Languages background

Hardware background
IBM Compatibles
x86 Class Processors
Able to diagnose, service and repair internal

OS background
Windows 3.11/95
Windows NT Advanced Server

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Corel Photo-Paint 6
Adobe Photoshop 3
trueSpace2 & Fountain
Web Media Publisher
LView Pro 32
Netscape Navigator 2.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
Presently, I do all my work on a home-brew
486/DX4100 with 16MB, crafing images using
software and a UMAX T-630 scanner..

Tools available - NET
Netscape Navigator 2.0
Netscape's Live 3D
Cute FTP
Eudora Lite v1.52
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Steal my JavaScript Code

URL for more info

Predictions for Java
Java amd JavaScript will redifine interactivity on the
Internet, as users are able to see, hear, and do more.
Rather than read a page, the interaction will not 
only create memorable sites, but will also help push 
the creative envelope.

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