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Services provided as a Company with 2 java people

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Western Springs, IL (near Chicago) 

Best way to contact
business phone:  708 246-8171
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Java Email client / Email embeddable applets
Java Email client.  Can include customized
applets that allows email to implement someof your key business processes.

Component software models including: Java Beans/
CORBA, ActiveX, and LiveConnect.
Preferred projects
Applets that are embedded in Email messages
that make Email come alive by interactingwith the user and automating mundane tasks.
Allows Email to be used to automate business

Call for details!
Platform of focus
Any platform with Java Virtual Machine. Vision
is platform independence and Universal Access.
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Past projects
Developing Internet software for over a year
using: HTML, HTTP, CGI-scripts, Java, andJava Script.

Main development to date is a fully functional
Email client implemented completely in Java.
This applet is current available in the
public domain.
Programming background
Technical staff are all seasoned professionals
with more than 5 years experience.

Languages background
Main languages include:
  - C++  - Java
  - Java Script

Software-environment background
Java tools include: Cafe from Semantic and
Java Workshop from SunSoft.
Main C++ compiler is Visual C++ by Microsoft.

Main analysis and design tool has be Rose/C++
from Rational.  Have incorporated what Rational
calls Roundtrip engineering which includes code
generation and reverse engineering.

C++ libraries include: MFC, Rogue/Wave, and
some experience with STL.

Hardware background
All major platforms.

OS background
Currently working with Java Virtual Machine
which gives OS independence!
Previously, have worked with UNIX,
Windows3.x, Windows95, and with embedded 
real-time OSs.

Tools available - SOFTWARE

Tools available - HARDWARE
All major platforms.

Tools available - NET
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Java Email client called Dart
Freeware version.

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (22 - February - 96)
Java will be a great enabler for the software
component market.  A user connected to the
Internet (or a Intranet) will be able to run
the latest version of their favorite program from
any access point (universal access).

Because Java is NOT tied to a HW platform or OS,
new types of computers will evolve to complement
the current desktop dominated market place. This
gives real meaning to universal access! $500
computers, Java-enabled PDAs, and more will
impact how we work, communicate, and play! 

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