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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: $120/hr

Services provided as a Company with 8 java people

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11512 N. Port Washington Rd.
Suite 204
Mequon WI

Best way to contact
Phone: TOLL-FREE 1-888-PRO-JAVA, outside U.S. (414)241-0807 or e-mail
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Java Software / Database Integration / Network Applications&Applets
Testing / Consulting / Exclusively Java since July 1995
Backend Data Base Work
Image Manipulation (and animation)Complex Data Presentation 
Network Client and Server apps 
Live data feeds
Evaluation Consulting
Java Training

Preferred projects
Highly customized application development.  Integration to databases
(legacy and new), We also have the staff to handle LARGE  projects, as
well the expertise to do the smallest.  Our clients include several
Fortune 500 companies, and we have the authors of over 8 Java books on
Platform of focus
Windows NT/95
Unix (Solaris, Irix and Linux)Macintosh
We have all these platforms in house and test on them all!
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Past projects
MagnaStar has been helping bring quality Java 
programs to market for large (Fortune 500) and 
small companies. Out exclusive focus on Java 
started in July 1995. Since then, our highly 
experienced staff has been dedicated to 
helping our customers realize the power of 
Java, through advanced software development. 
Because of our experiance we are able to bring 
large multifaceted products written in the Java 
language to market extremely quickly with a 
high degree of reliability.  

Using Java we have brought to market products 
from as far reaching segments as Health Care 
(complete patient information tracking), 
Manufacturing (remote operation and monitoring 
of equipment over the internet), communication 
(Satellite scheduling),Engineering (Document 
Management), Entertainment (multi-user games), 
Retail (Point of sale) and Financial. 
Programming background

Languages background
Pascal Cobol
Small Talk
Assembly (80x86,68k,MIPS)

Hardware background
MacSun, SGI

OS background
Windows 3.x
Windows NTWindows 95
BSD Unix
Mac OS

Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
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Predictions for Java (22 - February - 96)
Java brings the client to the internet making
true client server computing possible.  Java
will do to the web what Mosiac did to the
internet.  Be prepared for a revolution in the
way you view the internet, because now the
computer is the net!

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