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Silicon Valley

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communications / games / modeling
vrml / database
My specialties are really CGI/Perl centered and
not Java based.  I have done projects includingcustom made databases, integrating with already
existing databases, on-the-fly WWW page creation,
and report query/response engines.

I have also lectured on many different aspects 
of the Internet and computing in general.
Preferred projects
Internet Web Pages
Platform of focus
Linux, Win 95/NT
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Past projects
BA in Comp Sci., emphasis on Unix Networking.
Worked as CGI developer, PC Hardware Technician,
LAN/WAN, both Unix and Windows based, support 
and developement.

Programming background
Started programming when I was 8 years old on
a TRS-80.  Moved onto gw-basic when I was 10.Been programming since.

Languages background
Languages known:
Basic (GW and Visual),
Unix Shells,

Software-environment background
Borland IDE for a while...
since then GDB and the Unix shell tools hasbeen my IDE.
Hardware background
Mostly PC

OS background
DOS, Windows 3.1/95/NT,
Linux, Sun OS, DEC Ultrix/Unix, AIX, SGI Irix,BSDI, Unixware, SCO


Tools available - SOFTWARE

Tools available - NET
Pretty much all of them except for IRC.  I
already lost a couple months of my life to MUDs.I don't want to get sucked into IRC.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Vortis, a Tetris clone
Free with source

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Predictions for Java (22 - February - 96)
Java is a very interesting language.  It has
great potential.  A lot of its future lies in
integrating it with other Internet based
resources, like VRML (which, btw, Moving Worlds
has already done).  A set of client/server tools
needs to be built that would allow greater
server-side interation.

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