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103 Nicholas Ct.
Kissimmeee, FL 34758

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via email, anytime
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Java / VRML / CGI
Network Applets / Technical Writing
Java, Networked applets, VRML page design, the brightest, most striking 
Web design you're likely to see, CGI... hey, basically we'll get you're
page on the Web and get your company NOTICED.
Preferred projects
Network Java applets, multimedia home pages, 
building unusual Web pages that Jump! out at you!
Platform of focus
Windows NT, Windows 95, BSDI Unix
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Past projects
I'm been system administrator and Webmaster for an ISP, 
Phoenix Applied Technology in Kissimmee, FL for almost 
2 years. Before that I was a programmer in the Medical
Industry. I have database experience, and if I don't 
already know how to do what you need done, I'll learn it
before you can click your mouse.
Programming background
I designed a Medical program that was fully comprehensive --
it notitified the Insurance company, did the billing, let the
doctor put in his or her diagnosis, connected to the nurses'
station, etc. I designed and built the GUI for my ISP's Internet
access users. 

Languages background
I program in Visual Basic, C++, Java, CGI, perl, 
and do some advanced HTML "coding."

Software-environment background
Visual C++, VB3&4, Diva, and plain old notepad are 
some of my favorite programming environments.
Hardware background
I've put together many different systems, and are familiar
with the hardware of just about any type of PC. In my "spare time" 
of which there isn't much these days, I make and repair PCs.

OS background
I'm very familiar with Windows NT3.51, Windows 3.1, 
Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Unix BSDI 2.0.1 and 2.1. 

Tools available - NET
Since I work for an ISP, I have full access to the 
internet 24/7/365. I'm online almost always, have 
my own server space to test and use Web technologies, 
and can test on a variety of platforms using either 
a 28.8 dialup connection or a direct connect T-1.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
I can provide some demo applets, and a look at some of my work(s).
Varies greatly. Barter is considered.
Predictions for Java
I think Java is going to change the way we look at and 
use the internet, as well as a lot of common things we use
at home. Our whole entertainment industry will be affected, 
and the information that will be at our disposal we be
astounding. Java is still in its infancy, but give it a couple
years. It'll blow your mind!

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