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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: $120/hr to $175/hr

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On the internet.
I am rarely available for on-site work.

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Headhunters: contact me only if you have short-term
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Information design / Technical communication / Java & JavaScript integration
GUI & WWW style audits / GUI design & prototypes / Writing, editing & training
o Systems thinking / Integration / Holistic design.
o Vision: seeing the big picture.

o Clear communication of technical information through 
  the written word and through careful design of 
  information systems.

o Integrating Java and JavaScript into information systems.

o Graphical user interface and World Wide Web designs,
  prototypes, and style/communication audits.
Preferred projects
Off-site consulting.
Short-term (
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Past projects
o Author of _Java in a Nutshell_, the forthcoming _JavaScript in 
  a Nutshell_, and three other books from O'Reilly & Associates.

o Past clients include: Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Oracle,
                        M.I.T, Harvard University.

o 10 years experience with Internet/Unix/C/X Window System/Motif

o 7 years of specialization in GUI design and development.

o Computer Science/Writing degree from M.I.T.  
  GPA: 5.0/5.0
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Predictions for Java
The hype will die down somewhat, but Java
will remain a very important technology.

JavaScript is also an important technology, but
is almost entirely unrelated to Java.  In the
short-term, JavaScript will actually have more
impact on the Web than Java will.

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