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Until my move to Houston, my availability is limited.
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I am currently in Austin, Tx..
I will be moving to Houston Tx summer 1996.

Best way to contact
The best way to contact me is through email.
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Problem Solving / Reality Checking / Web-based Concept Creation
System Administration
I consider myself more of a generalist
rather than a specialist.
Preferred projects
No preference.
Platform of focus
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Past projects
I don't think being a graduate student counts
as work, but it sure feels like it.
Programming background
The major thrust of my programming to date
has been in the development of simulation
code to model physical processes.

Languages background
The majority of my scientific coding has been
done in Fortran.  I have done smaller projects
in C and Java.  Of course, I use Perl on a 
daily basis.

Software-environment background
Hardware background
HP and SGI workstations

OS background
My background is almost entirely UNIX oriented.

Miscellaneous technology background
Tools available - SOFTWARE

Tools available - HARDWARE

Tools available - NET
Digital Espresso
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Predictions for Java
I have a feeling Java will not go as far
as we all think it's going to go.  However,
I still think it will become a major force.

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