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Natural Intelligence's Roaster bundled with Teach Yourself Java for Macintosh in 21 Days, from Hayden Books

Cambridge, MA, April 5, 1996: Natural Intelligence, Inc. and Hayden Books today announce the publication of Teach Yourself Java for Macintosh in 21 Days.

This edition of the nationally best-selling line is geared toward Macintosh programmers, and contains a special version of Roaster (tm), the first development environment that Macintosh(r) developers can use to create applets in Sun Microsystems' Java(tm) programming language.

Roaster, the Development Environment for Java, includes a hierarchical project window, powerful source code editor, interpreter, Java compiler, debugger, and speedy runtime engine.

"Natural Intelligence is excited to be part of Teach Yourself Java for the Macintosh in 21 Days," said Joshua D. Wachs, President of Natural Intelligence. "The Macintosh is one of the best learning tools there is. Using Roaster and the excellent examples in this book, Macintosh developers, and even those new to programming, will be able to learn Java quickly and easily."

Mimir Reynisson, Natural Intelligence's lead Roaster engineer who helped review the book for technical accuracy, also noted Hayden's commitment to making sure that the book was of the highest quality.

Lyn Blake, publisher of Hayden Books, explained why Roaster was her first choice for incorporating into this best-selling guide. "Given our success with the Teach Yourself series, we wanted to include a product that would meet our high standards for Java development tools."

Teach Yourself Java for Macintosh in 21 Days is priced at $40.00, and is available at booksellers throughout the world.

About Natural Intelligence, Inc.: Established in 1987 with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Natural Intelligence, Inc. provides quality tools and solutions in a variety of areas, specializing in cross-platform Internet development with a focus on Java development and database consulting.

Natural Intelligence's products include Roaster(tm), the Development Environment for Java(tm), QuickCode Pro(tm), a code editor for 4th Dimension(r), and DragStrip(tm), the Ultimate Desktop Organizer for the Macintosh. For more information on Natural Intelligence, email us at or look us up on the Web at

About Hayden Books:

Hayden books are published by Macmillan Publishing USA, which includes Hayden, QUE, Sams Publishing, New Riders, BradyGAMES,, Ziff-Davis Press, Waite Group Press, and QUE Education and Training. Macmillan Publishing USA is a division of Simon & Schuster, the publishing operation of Viacom Inc.

Simon & Schuster is a leader in multimedia, consumer, education, business, reference and international publishing. With operations in 43 countries, its imprints include Simon & Schuster, Simon & Schuster Interactive, Macmillan Publishing USA, Pocket Books, Scribner, The Free Press, Prentice Hall, Silver Burdett Ginn, Allyn and Bacon, Computer Curriculum Corporation and Educational Management Group.

Date:    April 5, 1996
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