We have the following goals for TeamJava

The history of computer systems have recorded countless feats of ingenuity invented and discovered. So many of these feats went unrecognized, and rapidly absorbed into the mainstream of public knowledge.

Will not this pattern re-occur within the new "medium" of Java?

TJAB: TeamJava Advisory Board

Who can best determine and recognize feats of inventiveness and originality? We will see many "Top 5% CoolJava lists". But will the "coolness" be determined by some commercial group who "don't know jack" about Java and OOP? Or will they just be impressed with flashy eye-candy from empty programming?

TeamJava *could* make the best judges. We hope many of you new members will decide to contribute a few minutes a week of your time by serving on TJAB, and help nominate and select those works most notable for the historical record.

This activity could provide a great benefit to all the TeamJava consultants, as it could help draw into our awareness the many new and unique techniques as each are invented.

Initial Charter points

We hope you join TeamJava!
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